Comprehensive weak electricity project of a smart warehouse base of a food management enterprise in

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1. Project background:

A food management company in Shenzhen is a foreign-invested enterprise with a history of catering services for 30 years. Based in Shenzhen, it has grown stronger in Shenzhen. The company currently has four brands and 15 branches, which are located in Futian District, Nanshan District, Longgang District and Bao'an District of Shenzhen. It has nearly 2,200 employees and a business area of approximately 53,000 square meters. It is currently the largest high-end restaurant chain in the Shenzhen area, providing a full range of services from general catering to advanced business reception.

    In order to better strengthen enterprise management, reduce procurement costs, and improve material production efficiency, the company has established a special logistics base in Putian Shangxue Science and Technology Park. In view of the importance of the logistics base with the core department of providing all the catering materials for the whole company, the company plans to turn the entire logistics base into a high-end, high-tech territory that integrates intelligence and intelligence.


2. Project requirements:

The requirements include the following parts: 

      ◆Computer network part ◆Wireless coverage part ◆Intelligent monitoring part

      ◆Intelligent access control attendance part ◆Anti-theft alarm part ◆Computer room construction part

◆Background music section ◆Parking management section


3. Project solution:

According to customer needs, combined with our previous construction experience, this program will carry out all-round analysis and overall design of this logistics base from the perspective of intelligence.

1) Organize the internal network with a three-tier architecture, reasonably plan and distribute the location of the equipment; the wireless WIFI system adopts the AC+AP mode for seamless coverage of the whole base, and distributes the number of APs according to different environments such as the office area and the storage area, and the office area And the library area to achieve full-field roaming switch, the safe use of computers, mobile phones, PDAs and other equipment.

2) The intelligent monitoring system uses an IP network camera and a network storage server plus a disk cabinet, and is equipped with a three-month video hard disk to implement the monitoring system of the logistics base. All monitoring points strive to achieve no dead ends. The cameras are distributed in: corridors, fire-fighting buildings, elevators, packing rooms, cold storages, loading and unloading areas in the reservoir area; surrounding buildings, gates, etc.; especially for cold storage cameras, cold and explosion-proof Specialized camera for installation;

3) The entire logistics base will be built into a building with very good identity management. The food processing and production safety of the entire logistics base will be fully guaranteed. All personnel entering the logistics base are required to face and swipe in and out. Independent regional attendance equipment.

4) Use the network alarm host to use wired probes in places where alarms are required, including: infrared detectors, door magnets, etc. Upload the main entrance alarms of the entire base and include corresponding videos to the large screen of the monitoring center, as well as the electronic map.

5) For this logistics base, the background music and broadcasting system is designed to play light music to adjust the atmosphere, base event notification and emergency evacuation.

6) The computer room is the core of the intelligent system of the entire logistics base. All the control equipments are all centralized for 24 hours of high-speed operation and operation, so the design and operation of the equipment room is very important.



System architecture diagram

Comprehensive weak electricity project of a smart warehouse base of a food management enterprise in Shenzhen