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data encryption:

Document encryption and environment encryption

Document encryption

The important electronic documents such as design drawings, development code, financial information, customer data, etc. are automatically encrypted without changing the user's habits, even if these documents are illegally taken away from the enterprise, they cannot be decrypted and applied.

Environment encryption

data encryption

The terminal computer disk is divided into a partition, which is combined with the business environment and packaged into an environment; the data in the environment is encrypted, and is not specific to files and processes.

Environmental encryption and document encryption

data encryption

Application scenario

Document level anti-leakage scenario

data encryption

Transparent encryption:

The confidential document is always stored in encrypted form on the authorized terminal. The document is automatically decrypted when it is opened, and is automatically encrypted when it is saved. It does not affect the user's usage habits.

Encrypted documents cannot be opened and used even if they are streamed to the outside.

During the use of encrypted documents, users cannot steal content from encrypted documents by copying and pasting, screen capture, and printing (including virtual printing).


Outgoing control

Encrypted control of documents that need to be sent out to prevent secondary leaks.

Authorized specific machines and personnel, allowing only authorized personnel to open and view outgoing documents on a specific machine.

Ability to specify the viewing period, number of open times, open password, and copy, edit, print, screen capture, etc. of the outgoing document.

Support for outgoing USBKEY, authentication can not open the outgoing document, no need to bind the computer.

Outgoing documents support expired automatic deletion and support for specified processes to access the specified network.

Can customize the outgoing template to facilitate unified management


Offline strategy

For people on business trips, they can be granted an offline policy to ensure that encrypted documents can still be used during business trips without affecting normal office operations.

Personalized offline strategies can be set up for business travelers, including offline duration, encryption software categories, and document usage rights.

Code level anti-leakage scene

data encryption

Features of the SDC sandbox:

-- The R&D application is installed locally and the confidential data is on the server. The confidential data on the server does not fall to the ground during use, or it is encrypted when it is placed. 
-- All developments on the employee's computer can only be stored on the server or on a local encrypted disk. 
-- The sand table is isolated from the outside world, so it will not leak. Locally listed whitelisted software such as QQ, MSN, Internet Explorer, etc. can access the Internet normally, but will not be compromised. 
--SDC sandbox is a container, can be loaded, and has nothing to do with the process, regardless of the file format, what software can run. It is not related to the size of the file and will not destroy the file. It does not modify the contents of the file itself, just like other encryption software. High reliability. 
-- Any confidential information that comes out of a confidential environment must go through the review process. 
-- The external PC accesses the network, cannot use any confidential resources in the network, cannot access the server, and becomes an island.

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