Talking about the Advantages of Enterprise Data Center Integration
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Talking about the Advantages of Enterprise Data Center Integration

The main function of the data center is to store and process data. Traditional data processing is to increase investment in hardware devices to ensure the effective operation of the data center. In recent years, with the development and maturity of emerging IT technologies such as big data, the data center has achieved unprecedented development, and both hardware and software have made great progress.

Nowadays, the system integration of data centers is getting higher and higher, the amount of data is getting larger and larger, the traditional data center storage backup and processing capabilities are weak, and it is unable to carry the data of the existing business system of the enterprise; the IDC space is limited, and the original expansion plan cannot be realized. The equipment room expansion budget will double and take a long time.

Data center integration is the data storage center, processing center, transit center and management center. It transfers one or more data information to the data center to seek data and information services, so as to request transfer and data transfer. As a business bearer platform and network control hub, the data center is the foundation and guarantee for the successful transformation of enterprise IT.

With the rapid development of information technology, the information data of enterprises is increasing, and the exchange, sharing, backup and storage of data require more hardware equipment support, which undoubtedly increases the operating costs of enterprises. Because the data center has a long construction period, large investment, rapid technological development, and many technical fields involved, enterprises need a professional team to help them provide end-to-end solutions from design, planning, deployment, and operation and maintenance. Data center integration is based on existing hardware devices, integrating and optimizing data centers, reducing energy consumption, making full use of resources, improving operational efficiency, and helping enterprises to drive business development.

Data Center Integration Solution Features

Green construction

Improve power utilization efficiency, greatly reduce PUE (Power Usage Effective) consumption, save energy

2. Information planning

Modular equipment room construction planning, shortening the construction period of the data center

3. Automated construction

Automation from resources to business, ITSM-based service process automation

4. Operational efficiency

Build a unified platform for virtualization and improve resource utilization efficiency in data centers

5. Intensive construction

Intensive deployment saves interaction costs between data centers and also reduces deployment and operation and maintenance costs

6. Safety planning

Build a reliable disaster recovery solution and establish a disaster recovery center in a different place