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As the highly anticipated '2018 digital marketing company you must know' list has been released. Applinkage Internet has won this shortlist nomination for its excellent big data processing capabilities and diversified AI creative technologies. Applinkage Connected Investment has developed a “people-oriented” advertising communication strategy in the era of big data through accurate user behavior portraits and new media-oriented advertising delivery systems. Its big data platform handles 1 billion daily exposures. 600 million online netizens.

  Applinkage Connect has been committed to creating an effective big data framework. The core members of the team are former executives from the international 4A advertising company, as well as technical tycoons who set up the underlying framework of Facebook and Google advertising.

  As a rising star of big data marketing, Applinkage is committed to improving the core technology capabilities of data and algorithms based on artificial intelligence, mining data and unlocking business value.

Applinkage Internet Investment uses Internet thinking to build a complete set of “Quantified Cross-screen Crosscheck” advertising marketing system, and successfully for more than 200 cars, daily chemicals, FMCG, e-commerce, finance, travel aviation, film and television entertainment, Customers in the home appliance, food and drug industries provide effective advertising and marketing services. In the future, Applinkage Internet Investment will provide customers with more branded advertising and marketing services by optimizing network solutions and combining creative media resources. In the era of “Internet +”, it will become a powerful engine for advertisers to integrate marketing communication!

  The '25 Digital Marketing Companies You Must Know' selection project will be co-organized by 'China Internet Advertising' and will be strictly selected and recommended by the organizing committee and will be officially released at the China Advertising Annual Digital Conference. Since the launch of the list in 2013, it has caused tremendous impact and feedback in the industry. After the list was released, it received strong attention from brand owners and digital advertising agencies. It has promoted the development of the digital marketing industry and established an excellent corporate image in the industry. positive effect