WiFi6 new era network security protection can not be ignored!
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 With the continuous development of new technologies and the continuous improvement of the times, the requirements of network users for network speed and bandwidth are gradually getting higher and higher. Whether it is a cellular mobile network or a WiFi network, the two masters who once took the sword together have gradually improved their business capabilities. For more than 20 years, from 2G to 3G, 4G, 5G, the transmission rate of mobile networks has increased nearly 20 times. As the main indoor network WiFi network, from the previous 802.11a, experienced 802.11b, 802.11g, to 802.11n, 802.11ac, until 2019 will dominate the WIFI world of 802.11ax, which is the legendary WiFi6, is about to enter Our daily life. Its bandwidth, network capacity, coverage and other indicators have been greatly improved. Advances in technology will also bring more convenience to our lives, such as the popularity of the Internet of Things.

    However, the arrival of new technologies, in addition to various benefits, will inevitably bring some new problems to our lives, such as its security issues.

    Although WiFi6 supports WPA3, it has better security. However, when using WiFi to access the Internet, our security still inevitably faces enormous risks.

WiFi6 new era network security protection can not be ignored!

    Do not believe it?

    For example, the network builds a 'fishing WiFi' itself, and uses the login password to entice the Internet users to connect. Once the user connects to the set 'Fishing WiFi', the data transmitted by the user will be monitored, hijacked, and the user's, including various account passwords, etc. will be stolen. As long as they hijack the DNS on the WiFi router, they can import the user to the phishing website to obtain the account password, or the router traffic, and also obtain the user's clear text password.

    In addition to connecting this kind of 'fishing WiFi', you can open the mobile phone wireless network automatic connection function at any time, so the risk is much larger than you think.

    At the same time, when some brands of mobile phones search for a WiFi with the same name but not the same WiFi hotspot, they will automatically use the saved password to connect, which gives us a chance. User security is threatened.

WiFi6 new era network security protection can not be ignored!

    As a netizen, how should we protect our own network security?

    In this era of 'streaking', what we can do is to be vigilant, to open the right to operate the phone carefully, and to provide as little as possible.

    Keep the following security points in mind when using WiFi:

    1. Be cautious about using WiFi hotspots in public places.

    2. When using WiFi hotspots in public places, try not to operate online shopping and online banking.

    3. Turn off the wireless LAN function of the phone and laptop when you are not using WiFi in daily to prevent automatic connection of malicious WiFi.

    4. When the phone and laptop are connected to the WiFi, pay attention to the name of the connected WiFi hotspot.

    As a company, how to reduce the risk of cyber attacks?

    1. Website permissions need to be controlled

    Enterprises should strictly control the permissions of the website, closely monitor the access of information, detect and supervise suspicious users through security audits, remove the rights of suspicious users, and enhance the protection mechanism.

    2. Deploy SSL certificate, upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS encryption

    The SSL certificate is issued by the 'trusted root certificate authority' in the browser after verifying the identity of the server. It can implement the dual functions of website authentication and encrypted transmission to prevent website data from being stolen and tampered. At the same time, when the website adds an SSL certificate, all major browsers can display secure and trusted HTTPS URLs, which can prevent phishing and identify fake websites. This avoids phishing, fraudulent websites and other infringements, allowing visitors to visit websites. More confident.

    3. Choose a global trusted SSL certificate brand

    Choose a globally trusted SSL certificate brand, such as Symantec, Entrust, GlobalSign, GeoTrust, etc., compatible with 99.99% of browsers, greatly reducing the risk of websites being attacked.

    4. Choose a CA with credibility

    The root certificate of a credible CA organization is widely used in most browsers and operating systems, so it can be used by clients to verify that the website SSL certificate is legitimate. Just like a safe is installed on the website, all information transmission is carried out in an encrypted environment, which ensures the security of enterprise data transmission. Tianwei Integrity is a group of CA certification bodies approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and has industry access standards. In the past 19 years, he has specialized in digital certificates and other technical and product services, and has influence in the industry. At the same time, it provides certification services and certification guarantees for Chinese users with comprehensive security solutions, certificate management platform, professional technical support team and reliable CA operation mechanism.

    For more than 20 years, WiFi network has experienced a development process from scratch, from slow to fast, and has become an indispensable tangible resource in our lives. The convenience of new technology has made our life more and more comfortable. Protecting our own network security has become an important issue that cannot be ignored. WiFi6 is coming soon, is your network security protection ready?