"Software definition is extremely unlimited" Bigtera Extreme all-flash new product debut storage sum
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 At the end of the year, when it comes to one year of induction and inventory, in the coming 2018, software-defined storage and hyper-convergence become a dark horse in the storage field, contributing many solutions and cases to the entire market. With the rapid development and application of big data, artificial intelligence, 4K film and television in the past year, software-defined all-flash storage products are also on the stage of application, providing a solid foundation for the rapid development of new technologies and innovative applications.

    As a disruptor and innovator in the field of software-defined storage, Bigtera has used its years of accumulated technical strength and innovative experience to provide high-performance, scalable, and integrated integration for the market and users. A unified storage product with storage resources and a hyper-converged product supported by a full storage protocol across platforms. Today, with the increasing demand for faster and stronger resilient infrastructure in the market and users, Bigtera has released the latest Bigtera Virtual at the launch of the 2018 China Storage and Data Summit on December 11th. StorTM Extreme software defines all-flash storage products to provide higher performance and richer choices for the market and users.

    On December 11-12, 2018, the storage industry's most influential event, the -2018 China Storage and Data Summit, was held in Beijing. At this annual event in China's storage industry, Bigtera introduced its newest all-flash software with its latest software. The launch of Bigtera Virtual StorTM Extreme introduces its outstanding performance and wide application scenarios to nearly 30 domestic well-known media and some customers.

    Mr. You Zonglin, General Manager of Bigtera, as a senior storage industry, from the development of storage technology to the changes in user needs and Bigtera's thinking about new technologies and storage solutions in the new economy, are integrated into the design of new products. The new product, Bigtera Virtual StorTM Extreme, delivers ultra-high performance, on-demand scalability, and optimization of all-flash write amplification. After the press conference, many media outlets asked for Extreme's write-optimized black technology. Bigtera's interaction with mainstream flash memory manufacturers based on the flash controller layer allows Bigtera Virtual StorTM Extreme's write amplification optimization to be greatly reduced from current market mainstream 7.31 times to 1.05 times, greatly extending the life of flash memory without Affect data security.

    Bigtera Virtual StorTM Extreme is used in big data, artificial intelligence, gene sequencing, 4K rich media streaming, online education training, cloud infrastructure and IT infrastructure and electronic design automation (EDA) and other areas requiring high performance, Bigtera General Manager You Zonglin also expressed his welcome to partners in various industries to cooperate based on Bigtera's excellent products.

    The development of information technology is driving the progress of various industries. The development needs of various industries also promote the continuous evolution of information technology, including storage technology. Today, all-flash software definition products have entered the stage, and software-defined all-flash will also appear. The more programs and success stories, the mutual development will progress, and the spring of software-defined all-flash storage products has come.