Huayun Data Releases Dual Technology Stack Enterprise Super Fusion Product Line Officially Enters Su
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 On June 8, Beijing, China – Huayun Data Group held the “China Cloud Power – Huayun Data Group Product and Ecology Strategy Conference”. Huayun Data has released an enterprise-level hyper-converged product strategy with independent intellectual property rights H2CITM and VMware dual technology stack. As a private cloud leader and hybrid cloud practitioner in China, Huayun Data has launched H2CITM, an enterprise-class hyper-converged product with H2CIUltraTM, a self-developed hyper-converged system, with its long-term experience in serving enterprise-class users, helping enterprises to easily build out of the box. Cloud data center. Huayun Data also collaborated with its strategic partner VMware to create a vSAN-based enterprise-class hyper-converged product and a VCF-based hybrid cloud hyper-converged product, providing customers with dual-technology stacks of enterprise-level hyper-converged products and services, which marked hyper-convergence. The market has ushered in a strong unicorn company.

In today's Internet + era and the huge pressure of digital transformation, the endless stream of innovative business puts higher demands on enterprise IT. More and more enterprises hope to create enterprise applications quickly and easily, and meet the requirements of business innovation agilely. At the same time, it can maintain a very high level of enterprise-level service. Building an 'efficient, low-cost, easy-to-maintain' IT architecture is the fundamental goal of enterprise digital transformation. Hyper-convergence is the best way to achieve this goal. For Chinese companies, hyper-convergence is becoming a vital part of the “cloud era” IT transformation. According to Gartner's research report, the global super-convergence market has a compound annual growth rate of 48% from 2016 to 2021. The ongoing structural changes have made it possible for the domestic market to exceed the growth rate.

Huayun Data Releases Dual Technology Stack Enterprise Super Fusion Product Line Officially Enters Su

Wu Xiaohua, Vice President of Strategic Development of Huayun Data, released Huayun Enterprise Super Fusion Products

Huayun Data H2CITM Enterprise Super Fusion Products

Huayun Data H2CITM is a set of out-of-the-box IT infrastructure platform based on hyper-converged architecture. It combines Huayun data to provide private cloud products for enterprise users. Through software-defined methods, Huayun data hyper-converged software H2CIUltraTM Provide users with comprehensive IT infrastructure services such as computing, storage, network, security, and management platforms to build an efficient, agile, and flexible data center. By adopting various safeguard mechanisms and high-availability architecture design, any component failure will not affect the system operation and meet the needs of enterprise users for availability and reliability. Huayun Data H2CITM adopts the software pre-installation mode. The H2CIUltraTM software is installed into the hyper-converged product before leaving the factory. The customer can automatically enable the hardware through the console interface and enable simple configuration. The standardized and unified product form is adopted. , providing hourly delivery capabilities to help customers deploy quickly and truly out of the box.

Huayun Enterprise Super Fusion Products H2CITM includes H2CIUltraTM software and H4422, CS2122 and CC2112 series of 15 products, which meet the different needs of enterprises in computing, storage and network in different application scenarios. Not only shortens the enterprise business online cycle from several months to days or even hours, but also allocates resources on demand. Capacity and performance grow linearly with node expansion. It also manages through a minimal interface and greatly improves operation and maintenance efficiency and customer experience. The best choice for IT infrastructure, server virtualization, flexible private cloud or hybrid cloud, desktop cloud, ROBO and other scenarios.

Huayun Data Releases Dual Technology Stack Enterprise Super Fusion Product Line Officially Enters Su

Huayun Data vSAN Enterprise Super Fusion Products

Today's enterprise business is endless. To meet the agile needs of enterprise business, it is necessary to virtualize all components of computing, storage, network and related services in the IT infrastructure, and provide a fully automated platform. Accelerate IT infrastructure transformation with VMwarevSANTM, enabling IT to deliver a cost-effective, strategic return on the enterprise. vSAN is natively integrated into the market-leading hypervisor, seamlessly integrating with VMware vSphere and the entire VMware product ecosystem, providing an enterprise-class software-defined storage platform.

The Huayun Data vSAN hyper-converged product uses VMware's new generation of vSANReadyNodes servers and Intel® Xeon® scalable processors as processing platforms to unlock the massive potential of data center scalability. The hybrid hard disk and all-flash hardware configurations are available to support NVMe-SSD hard disks to meet the needs of different customers and different application scenarios. It can provide ultra-high IOPS, ultra-low latency computing capacity, and support for large local capacity space, in response to the proliferation of data from enterprise applications.

Huayun Data Releases Dual Technology Stack Enterprise Super Fusion Product Line Officially Enters Su

Zhang Guangbin, chief expert of E Enterprise Research Institute, interpret Huayun's super-fusion product evaluation report

Help customers move seamlessly to a hyper-converged infrastructure with Huawei cloud vSAN hyper-converged products while reducing IT costs and preparing agile solutions for future hardware, cloud computing and application transformations, with the industry's first native The HCI encryption solution provides flash-optimized secure storage.

Huayun Data VCF Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Super Fusion Products

As a private cloud leader and hybrid cloud practitioner in China, Huayun Data has launched a hybrid cloud scenario enterprise-level hyper-converged product VCF. VCF uses the industry's advanced hardware platform, equipped with VMware's CloudFoundationTM software, using vSphere, vSANTM and NSX® to create VMware infrastructure and virtual pools, supporting firewall technology. Provides a full suite of software-defined computing, storage, networking, and security services for running traditional or containerized enterprise applications in a private cloud or public environment. Pre-test, validate, and deploy the entire hardware and software platform, and provide users with a simple, secure and agile end-to-end one-stop cloud computing infrastructure with the support of new built-in automated lifecycle management capabilities, leading the enterprise from the traditional foundation The architecture is transformed into a modern hybrid cloud platform.

Huayun Data VCF products can provide users with the flexibility and freedom of hybrid cloud computing. Users can choose to deploy a private cloud data center locally using the full set of hardware and software products provided by Huayun Data. Users can also consider integrating their local deployment data centers to migrate more applications and workloads to the cloud cloud public cloud and build a hybrid cloud platform.

Has passed the credibility cloud certification of the China Institute of Information and Communication Research

In the hyper-converged market, each product's product form, function, and performance are different, which leads to a large amount of research and comparison when users choose super-fusion products, and also has many problems. Huayun enterprise-level super-converged products have been evaluated by the China Information and Communication Research Institute, an authoritative organization, and have passed the “trusted cloud super-fusion certification”. It is an important basis for cloud product selection in enterprise business, and it is also a reliable and trustworthy super customer. An important factor in the merging of product purchases.

Xu Guangbin, chairman and president of Huayun Data Group, said that Huayun's enterprise-class hyper-converged products use the current best-performing IntelPurley platform, and on this basis combines computing, storage, network and security, and Huayun data unique. The cloud management platform forms an out-of-the-box IT infrastructure platform that not only delivers excellent performance, but also enables second-level virtual machine management, helping enterprises build software-defined data centers (SDDCs) in an hourly period. Recently, Huayun enterprise-level super-converged products won the bid for Shanghai Intelligent Transportation Private Cloud Project, which will empower Shanghai Smart City.

In the past eight years, through its independent, secure and controllable cloud technologies and products, Huayun Data has mature solutions in more than ten industries including education, finance, medical care and manufacturing. Now it is actively deploying hybrid cloud and big data. In the field, it will enter the hyper-converged market and help Chinese enterprises to fully enter the cloud. With China Cloud Power, Huayun Data will continue to help enterprises transform their digitalization and embark on the road of independence, security and control.

About Huayun Data Group:

Huayun Data Group Co., Ltd. ('Huayun Data Group') focuses on providing customers with 'autonomous, secure, and controllable' cloud computing services to help users adopt cloud computing to enhance IT capabilities and achieve business transformation. Huayun Data provides customized private cloud solutions for enterprise users, as well as 'full cloud' services such as hybrid cloud, big data services, hyper-converged products, public cloud, and IDC to cloud. Since its establishment in 2010, it has continuously deepened understanding of enterprise user needs and industry characteristics. It is a cloud computing service provider that is pursuing excellence and has been recognized as a private cloud leader and hybrid cloud practitioner in China.

Since its establishment eight years ago, Huayun Data has adhered to independent research and development and obtained more than 200 patents. It is the only cloud service provider in the industry that has passed the trusted cloud certification in the private cloud, hybrid cloud and public cloud. It is the national project undertaker and China. Top ten cloud computing solution providers. Since 2016, Huayun Data Group has been rated as a Chinese unicorn company for three consecutive years.

With customized private cloud services, Huayun Data has won the trust of a large number of large and medium-sized government and enterprise customers in more than ten industries such as rail transit, finance, education, public security, government affairs, manufacturing, and parks. At present, the total number of customers exceeds 300,000. . At the same time, Huayun Data is also actively deploying hybrid cloud, big data, super-fusion and other fields to meet the diversified needs of different industries and different customers.

In terms of ecological construction, Huayun Data Group and VMware, Quanta, Citrix, Veeam, SevOne, XSKY, Ruijie Networks and many other well-known domestic and foreign IT vendors, open source community technology leading partners and regional and industry service partners work together to create an industrial ecology. To provide customers with cloud-based general industry solutions or vertical industry solutions to promote Chinese enterprises to the full cloud. Huayun Data Group's service network and technical team are located in more than 15 cities around the world, providing a full range of pre-sales consulting, professional solution recommendation, strong delivery guarantee and 7*24+360o technical support to ensure enterprise informationization. Experience and uninterrupted business operations.