Huayun Data held 2018 product and ecological strategy conference to showcase China Cloud Power
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June 8, Beijing, China - Cloud computing, big data unicorn enterprise Huayun Data Group held 'China Cloud Power - Huayun Data Group Product and Ecology Strategy Conference' in Beijing, released Huayun Data Group 2018 The company's product strategy and ecological strategy released the latest enterprise super-fusion products and disclosed the latest round of financing of RMB 1 billion.

    Private cloud leader, hybrid cloud practitioner

    China's cloud development needs a backbone

    Xu Guangbin, Chairman and President of Huayun Data Group, announced the Huayang Data Group's 2018 corporate strategic goal at the press conference, to become the backbone of China's cloud, to be China's private cloud leader, hybrid cloud practitioners, and to promote Chinese enterprises. On the cloud. Xu Guangbin said in his speech that we are in a great era, an era of China's rise. The development of digital economy and Internet+ requires enterprises to realize the value of self and customers by independent innovation. In the field of cloud computing, we need such a Chinese cloud power, with the latest advanced IT technology and products as the core, to help enterprises transform, promote economic development, and realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Huayun Data held 2018 product and ecological strategy conference to showcase China Cloud Power

Xu Guangbin, Chairman and President of Huayun Data Group

Dedicated research and development and accurate market judgment have enabled Huayun Data to achieve a win-win situation for both customers and revenue. Since 2016, Huayun Data has been rated as a cloud computing and big data unicorn enterprise by various organizations for three consecutive years. At the press conference, Xu Guangbin, chairman of Huayun Data Group, announced the last round of financing before the IPO. As of June 8, 2018, Huayun Data received the latest round of financing of RMB 1 billion. In this round of financing, the old shareholder Dongzheng Capital once again voted, and introduced a number of strategic investors such as GF Securities, Tsinghua Holdings Fund, Yuanxing Capital and Longyu Holdings.

In 2018, Huayun Data Group will continue to consolidate the market position of private cloud leaders and hybrid cloud practitioners through high-end cloud computing talent introduction, new technology leverage, deep farming, and eco-casting.

Huayun super fusion products debut

Cloud computing needs new forces

At the Huayun Data Group product and ecological strategy conference, Huayun Data officially announced that cloud computing experts and industrial Internet experts Mr. Tan Ruizhong joined Huayun Data Group as executive vice president and chief technology officer (CTO). He will lead the R&D department to apply the new cloud computing infrastructure and platform technology to achieve maximum customer value.

Huayun Data held 2018 product and ecological strategy conference to showcase China Cloud Power

Tan Ruizhong, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Huayun Data Group

Tan Ruizhong said at the conference that cloud computing's high availability, high expansion, and distributed help services improve sensitivity and reduce risks, which has become the driving force behind the digital transformation of enterprises. In China, the government's policy orientation and data ownership and security considerations make Chinese companies more popular with private clouds, which is the core business of Huayun Data in recent years. In 2018, Huayun Data will continue to be guided by the needs of users' businesses, consolidate infrastructure construction and increase the layout of data centers. In addition to Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen, it will open data centers in some provinces and cities in the northwest and east China. Enrich your experience in cloud computing operations and intelligent services.

At the same time, Huayun Data will be based on cloud computing technology and will continue to integrate into emerging technologies, such as big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other disruptive technologies, focusing on industry application characteristics, increasing R&D investment and providing users with new types of technologies. Cloud computing, big data products and technologies create an industry cloud that maximizes value for corporate government customers.

At the press conference, Tan Ruizhong announced the second white paper 'CloudInfrastructureDriveBusinessStrategy' of Huayun Data and Gartner. This white paper introduces the business-based cloud architecture planning method and focuses on the national super Calculate the case of Guangzhou Central Cloud Computing Service Platform.

Huayun Data held 2018 product and ecological strategy conference to showcase China Cloud Power

Wu Xiaohua, Vice President of Strategic Development of Huayun Data

In order to speed up the deployment of users' cloud computing, in addition to the existing 'traditional' cloud computing products and solutions such as private cloud, hybrid cloud, big data service, public cloud, IDC to cloud, Huayun data enterprise super fusion products this year 4 Officially listed in the month. Huayun Data has launched the enterprise-level super-converged product line of “Double Technology Stack”, which includes three product lines: Huayun Data has its own intellectual property rights, Huayun Enterprise Super Fusion Products H2CI?; Huayun Data is based on strategic partner VMware The enterprise-class product vSAN's hyper-converged product line VMware-vSANReadyNode? Enterprise-class hyper-converged architecture and VMware CloudFoundation® enterprise-class hybrid cloud hyper-converged architecture product solution in the enterprise user hybrid cloud scenario.

Wu Xiaohua, vice president of strategic development of Huayun Data, introduced H2CI, an enterprise-class super-converged product, said that H2CI chose the current best-performing Intel® Purley platform on the server hardware, and integrated computing on it. Storage, network and security, as well as Huayun Data's unique cloud management platform, form an out-of-the-box IT infrastructure platform. At present, H2CI, a Huawei-based enterprise super-converged product, is mainly used in private cloud scenarios, which will help enterprise users to rapidly evolve to the cloud. Huayun Data vSAN Enterprise Super Fusion products are natively integrated into the market-leading hypervisor, seamlessly integrated with VMware vSphere and the entire VMware product ecosystem, providing an enterprise-class software-defined storage platform. Huayun Data VCF Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Hyper-converged architecture products can provide users with the flexibility and freedom of hybrid cloud, and migrate more applications and workloads to Huayun Public Cloud to build a hybrid cloud platform.

Huayun Data held 2018 product and ecological strategy conference to showcase China Cloud Power

Zhang Guangbin, chief expert of E Enterprise Research Institute

Zhang Guangbin, the chief expert of the E-Enterprise Research Institute, a well-known evaluation organization in the industry, interpret the Huayun super-converged product evaluation report at the conference, and shared the test results under different application scenarios. The stability, flexibility and ease of Huayun super-converged products. Sexuality and cloud management capabilities have been fully affirmed. As a representative of the new generation of super-convergence of “cloud + super-fusion”, Huayun super-converged products will play a huge role in promoting the rapid popularization of cloud computing in China.

Jusha into the tower China cloud ecology needs the power of partners

In the past few years, Huayun Data has made a full accumulation of ecological construction, hoping to build a strong Chinese cloud ecosystem. “Huayun and his friends” have completed the accumulation from quantitative change to qualitative change from point to point. Huayun Data Group's ecosystem integrates many well-known domestic and foreign IT vendors, open source community technology leading partners and regional and industry services such as VMware, Quanta, Intel, Citrix, Veeam, SevOne, XSKY, Ruijie, Shanghai Yidian, NEXIFY, etc. partner. Multi-partners will work together to create an industry ecosystem and work together to provide customers with cloud-based general industry solutions or vertical industry solutions.

Huayun Data held 2018 product and ecological strategy conference to showcase China Cloud Power

Huayun Data Group Ecological Alliance Launch Ceremony

At this conference, Huayun Data and Data Communication Solution Leader Ruijie Networks and Software Defined Infrastructure Vendor XSKY completed on-site signing to jointly expand vertical industry integrated solutions and joint markets such as education, government, transportation and manufacturing. .

Huayun Data held 2018 product and ecological strategy conference to showcase China Cloud Power

Ma Du, Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President of Huayun Data Group

At the same time, Ma Du, vice chairman and executive vice president of Huayun Data Group, announced the latest industry development strategy of Huayun Data, and jointly promoted the healthy development of industry and ecology through strategic and training support methods with partners.

Over the past eight years, Huayun Data Group has found its own direction in the market, products and ecology. It has obtained 300,000 customers by providing customized private cloud services, establishing a complete service system and deepening the industry. sure. In the capital, it has been fully recognized by the capital market and is ready for the listing. Huayun Data will grow into the backbone of China's cloud computing market, and will not forget the initial intentions and promote the comprehensive development of Chinese enterprises.