2019 Enterprise Cloud Service Conference was held in Shanghai in October, and 100 CIOs shared the di
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In the context of integrated development, China's digital economy is rapidly innovating and developing. Both traditional large enterprises and new small and micro enterprises are exploring new ways of enterprise development and reconstructing their own business models through digital transformation. Under the dual stimulation of national policies and market demand, enterprises have become a new breakthrough in digital transformation and upgrading, and more and more enterprises have chosen to maximize value through the cloud.

      The development of cloud computing has become the new normal of informationization. It is no longer a pure supply computing capability. It has gradually become a huge system that includes infrastructure, cloud computing platform and even complete management and software solutions. “Enterprises on the cloud” is in a nutshell: everything in the enterprise moves to the cloud. In addition to the advantages of cost reduction and resource conservation, enterprises can solve the problems of information islands and low integration in manufacturing enterprises, thereby improving the efficiency of all aspects of the enterprise and bringing innovations in business models such as capability trading.


2019 Enterprise Cloud Service Conference was held in Shanghai in October, and 100 CIOs shared the digital transformation of the second half.


      As an industry event dedicated to promoting digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises, it is jointly sponsored by Top Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China Cloud System Industry Innovation Strategy Alliance, Shanghai Software Industry Association, and International Cloud Security Alliance - ECSC 2019 2nd The Enterprise Cloud Service Conference will be held in Shanghai on October 15th, 2019. The conference will focus on digital transformation, cloud management, edge computing, cloud security, SaaS applications, data intelligence, and the theme of 'Enterprise Intelligence Change - Cloud Future'. Hot topics such as cloud network convergence and new opportunities for 5G invite industry veterans such as CIOs and information managers in finance, education, medical, retail, manufacturing and other fields to gather and share the problems encountered in Shangyun. Change the demand for cloud services, analyze the cloud strategy, and promote the digital transformation of enterprises.


2019 Enterprise Cloud Service Conference was held in Shanghai in October, and 100 CIOs shared the digital transformation of the second half.


      ECSC 2019 Conference Core Content

      Next decade Cloud service trend outlook

      Deeply focus on 5G edge computing, next-generation cloud storage technology, elastic computing, database technology, cloud security, cloud native applications and other technologies to evolve and present new development features and trends;

      Big coffee face to face

      Comprehensively explore the application concepts of enterprise cloud, market competition, ecological layout, new technology, industrial Internet, etc., and interpret the new trend of enterprise information development and the path of thinking in the process of digital transformation;

      Focus on transformation CIO on cloud strategy

      CIO experience of well-known enterprises share practical experience, implementation difficulties and coping strategies in the fields of manufacturing, logistics, finance, medical care and education;

      Supply and demand docking

      Guided by the needs of the industry, the company will establish face-to-face communication between the enterprise information supply and demand sides, assist the enterprise to achieve digital deployment on the cloud, and help the business success of the enterprise;

      Authoritative selection, demonstrating the power of example

      In the same period, we launched the selection of the best cloud service providers of the year, and keenly tapped the strongest market-transforming enterprises, condensed the strength of innovation, and outstanding talents, setting a new benchmark for the development of the industry and providing excellent cases for technological innovation;


2019 Enterprise Cloud Service Conference was held in Shanghai in October, and 100 CIOs shared the digital transformation of the second half.


Past review

      Focus on hotspots Multiple parallel theme forums will be held in the same period, focusing on digital transformation trends, CIO perspectives, new technologies and applications, and a variety of topics such as theme sharing, leader dialogue, case presentation, awards ceremony, supply and demand docking, etc. The development and application prospects of the cloud computing industry in the world and in the country. A one-day conference consists of a main forum and four special forums, which will bring together 600+ informatization decision-makers, joint industry leaders, and high-end media to open a grand annual event for digital change.

      ECSC2019 partial preferred topics

      5G era, the next vent of edge computing

      Comprehensively on the cloud, the challenges and opportunities facing enterprises

      Leveraging cloud computing, big data, how traditional enterprises can effectively transform

      Enterprises on the cloud to promote new business models

      How to realize intelligent and independent cloud management

      Manufacturing can create new demands for cloud service providers

      Application of cloud services in the education industry

      Intelligent mid-station strategy boosts digitalization in the automotive industry

      Smart Retail Insights: Digital, Strong Links, Private Domain Traffic

      Use the road of the cloud - how to find a balance between safety / efficiency / cost

      More exciting content ECSC 2019 2nd Enterprise Cloud Service Conference, invite you to enjoy!

      Participation time: October 15, 2019

      Venue: Shanghai Baohua Marriott Hotel No. 333, Guangzhong West Road, Jing'an District