What is the significance of 5G? Please ask the Internet of Things to answer this question!
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In the first year of 2019, 5G will be red and half-day. The airborne heat search has repeatedly hit the list, and its own traffic is sought after by the world. It is the first hot word of the year!

  However, some people cheered and some people were confused: 'What is the significance of 5G in addition to the fast speed?'

  This question is answered, and I will definitely not have the Internet of Things!

  The future is the era of the Internet of Things, 5G is ready, the Internet of Things opens, and under the digital trend, how to use the Internet of Things to create a brighter future? Digital, Give me five program group special article, let us move towards the Internet of Things New Era.


What is the significance of 5G?  Please ask the Internet of Things to answer this question!


  5G is an indispensable communication technology in the development of the Internet of Things.

  According to the definition of ITU-R (ITU Radiocommunication Group), the three major application scenarios of the future 5G are enhanced mobile Internet service EMBB, massively connected IoT service MMTC, ultra-high reliability and ultra-low latency services. URLLC. Among them, the two scenarios of MMTC and URLLC are mainly for the application requirements of the Internet of Things.

  Compared with 4G, the upgrade brought by 5G is all-round - higher bandwidth, lower latency and massive access capability, overcomes the shortcomings of 4G low speed, poor anti-interference and fewer access points. High-speed, stable and wide-ranging network requirements in networked scenarios, such as autopilot, AR/VR, smart city, telemedicine, and smart traffic, will appear faster and better in China with 5G support.


What is the significance of 5G? Please ask the Internet of Things to answer this question!


  With the acceleration of 5G commercialization, the Internet of Everything is about to open. In the process of moving forward to the Internet of Things, Dell Technology Group is building a new Internet of Things world based on the close integration of ecological and external ecological development. Huge investment and innovative technologies, products, services and solutions open up a new future for business users around the world.

  From the edge to the core to the cloud, fully enter the IoT

  The Internet of Things is fundamentally changing the way we live, how we operate, and how the world works. 'Dell Technology Group Chairman and CEO Michael Dell said.



  As early as 2017, Dell Technology Group announced that it will invest $1 billion in the next three years to develop the Internet of Things, including new IoT products, solutions, laboratories, partner programs and ecosystems. Carry out innovation and practice.

  For the development of the Internet of Things industry, while emphasizing the value of IoT data, Dell Yi Anxin pays more attention to how IT infrastructure supports IoT innovation, enabling data to be coordinated from edge to core to cloud, thus achieving “from edge to edge”. Data center to cloud' data flow.


What is the significance of 5G?  Please ask the Internet of Things to answer this question!


  After the establishment of the Dell Technology IoT Solution Department, it has continuously integrated its technology with the ecosystem advantages of Dell Technology to meet the diverse Internet of Things needs of users around the world. It is clear that this department was established for Dell. The innovation of technology Internet of Things brings a direct impetus.

  Forrester Consulting's IoT analysis report in 2019 shows that the Internet of Things is driving the development of edge analytics, and 300 of the global IT and OT (Operational Technology) professionals responsible for IoT decisions believe that it is necessary and feasible. As a premise, move computing functions as close as possible to the data source to achieve real-time decision making and insight for better business outcomes.

  As the world's leading technology company, Dell Technology has already laid out its layout in the field of edge computing.

  At Dell Technologies World in 2019, Dell Technology unveiled a new edge computing solution that will further drive the journey of data to the edge of the enterprise or branch, enabling the edge to core to the cloud as a whole. cover.


What is the significance of 5G?  Please ask the Internet of Things to answer this question!


  According to Juergen.Pruss, a technical expert in the IoT area of Dell, said:

  IoT applications are spreading across agriculture, industry, smart cities, transportation, etc. Dell Ian will work with Dell Technology Group members and IoT eco partners to build a support platform for user IoT clouds and other public cloud data source services. And provide users with IoT-related technology and solution services, as well as enterprise internal data center modernization services adapted to the development of the Internet of Things. The key part is that Dell Ianson provides a rich infrastructure such as computing, storage, and network to build the Internet of Things. Cloud data center.

  Of course, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies work in conjunction with the IoT infrastructure to provide users with a much smarter, more predictable solution value.

  From the strategic planning of the Dell Technology Group to the construction of the IoT sector, to the construction of the IoT infrastructure and the IoT cloud data center, everything is moving from edge to core to cloud development – driving insight from the edge, From the core to build a security infrastructure platform, from the cloud to obtain a wider range of insights, to help global users to achieve full IoT, to achieve a new digital future.

  To be the cornerstone of the Internet of Things, more to be an enabler

  No matter what kind of IoT device application, infrastructure is needed to store and manage data.

  As a leading infrastructure manufacturer, Dell Technology Group can provide powerful hardware and software technology capabilities for users' IoT applications - in addition to strong products such as servers, storage, and networking, as well as embedded PCs and gateways, and Dell Technology has consistently adhered to As for the standardization service, it can be seen that Dell Technology not only needs to be a strong cornerstone for the comprehensive development of the Internet of Things, but also an enabler of global user Internet of Things innovation.


What is the significance of 5G?  Please ask the Internet of Things to answer this question!


  According to a survey conducted by the German CIO magazine in 2017, 72% of European companies value the future investment of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is mainly supported by IT service providers and consulting companies, which reduce costs and improve efficiency. It is the most important driving factor for everyone to develop the Internet of Things project.

  At present, with the rise of the Internet of Things, innovations and changes brought about by technologies such as cloud computing, fog computing and edge computing have also attracted the attention of people in the global industry. Among them, the distributed cloud computing model has become the core of the widespread application of the Internet of Things; while the fog computing and edge computing are closer to the IoT data source, emphasizing the data computing processing and analysis of the Internet of Things. The combination of these technologies provides an innovative way for IoT users to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  Dell Technology Group has long-term development and technology accumulation in the field of computing. It not only has rich technology and solution practices in building cloud computing data centers, but also continuously introduces innovative gateway products in the field of fog computing and edge computing to provide enterprise users with A comprehensive IoT end-to-end solution.

  In the field of fog computing and edge computing, with industry and manufacturing insights, Dell Technology has released a number of gateway products for edge work, such as the Dell Essence Edge Gateway 5000 series, which enables data and support analysis to be aggregated. The edge of the network allows global enterprise users to extend the benefits of cloud computing to edge networks.


What is the significance of 5G?  Please ask the Internet of Things to answer this question!


  Today, Dell Technology continues to organically integrate IoT resources across the Group to meet the diverse needs of Internet users around the world.

  Especially worth mentioning is the VMware Pulse IoT Control Center, a management platform focused on the IoT control plane. It integrates VMware's vRealize Operations and AirWatch, two of the world's leading management and monitoring technologies. The entire infrastructure of the network provides device management, monitoring and security protection, and Dell Technology's EdgeGateways edge gateway product is one of them.

  With VMware Pulse IoT Center, enterprise users around the world can simplify IoT enablement, enable large-scale automated management, extend IT security standards to edge and IoT infrastructure, and increase the value of their IoT data. Pulse IoT Center 2.0, officially released worldwide in April 2019, can be used as a SaaS solution, which will be hosted by VMware cloud service provider partners in late 2019.


What is the significance of 5G?  Please ask the Internet of Things to answer this question!


  At the same time, in the network that is especially important for the Internet of Things, Dell Technology Group launched the SD-WAN Edge innovation integration platform, which integrates VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud software and Dell ISAN hardware, which can continue to promote technological innovation at the edge of the WAN. Global users are truly modernizing the WAN to meet the demands of the new hybrid cloud world.

  In addition, the Dell Ianson open network switch portfolio with the new name PowerSwitch supports massive data flows across nodes such as edge computing, core data centers and cloud computing. The first switch series with the new name, Dell Ianson PowerSwitch S5200- ON, performance is 2.5 times that of the previous generation, and includes the first half-width switch designed for hyper-converged environments.

  The switches are available in 12-port and 24-port versions to provide low-density, low-cost, high-performance rack-top connectivity for modernization, automation, and network transformation in edge computing, storage, and hyper-convergence. More powerful and flexible support.

  In addition, Dell Essence PowerEdge C-Series servers have been enhanced with technology upgrades to help users achieve batch training and machine learning applications.

  At the same time, in the IoT big data storage, Dell ISION and ECS elastic cloud storage are combined to form a powerful data lake platform, which can meet the file storage and object storage needs of global enterprise users, and support HDFS for big data analysis. .


What is the significance of 5G?  Please ask the Internet of Things to answer this question!


  Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and Pivotal Container Service (PKS), the world's leading cloud native platform, enable users to quickly complete application deployments.

  Virtustream's cloud storage services help users achieve non-native object storage while simplifying the deployment and operation of mission-critical workloads in the enterprise cloud, combined with IoT applications to increase the efficiency and value of enterprise cloud storage.

  And Dell Essence Boomi can help users get more value from their IoT data by quickly connecting relevant data to enhance cloud-based analytics and deep learning capabilities.


What is the significance of 5G?  Please ask the Internet of Things to answer this question!


  IoT ecological innovation, partners work together in the industry

  As we all know, the Internet of Things is not only a huge ecosystem, but also a win-win platform for multiple divisions of labor. Committed to the comprehensive development of the global Internet of Things, naturally not only rely on the capabilities and resources of the Dell Technology Group.

  The industry has a specialization. For Dell Technology Group, the focus is still on the more excellent IoT infrastructure. This is the cornerstone for mining, analyzing and processing user IoT data, while at the IoT terminal layer and gateway. In terms of layers, application layers, and clouds, it is also necessary to combine the power of partners in the overall ecosystem of the Internet of Things.


What is the significance of 5G?  Please ask the Internet of Things to answer this question!


  On the one hand, Dell Technology Group is constantly combining the business resources of Dell EMC, VMware, Pivotal, Dell, Virtustream, and Dell Boomi to bring comprehensive products and solutions to global enterprises. This is a self-construction and can cover global enterprises. All the users' needs on the IoT infrastructure will push the application of the IoT gateway layer and cloud layer to the ground.

  At the same time, the more important IoT ecological construction, the Dell Technology Group also has specific initiatives.

  At present, Dell Technology's global IoT ecosystem has 90+ partners. From small enterprises to large enterprises, it brings different value of division of labor and cooperation. Partners work together to help push the Internet of Things deep into the industry. Shorten the cycle of IoT technology and enhance the overall influence and value of the Internet of Things industry.

  It is worth mentioning that Dell Technology and SAP's cooperation on the Internet of Things has made great progress. In 2017, Dell Technology's IoT gateway product became the first SAP professionally certified IoT edge device on the SAP Leonardo edge platform. Of course, the Dell Elan Edge Gateway 3000 Series, Edge Gateway 5000 Series, and Embedded Box PC 5000 (Embedded PC) are also tested and validated by SAP Leonardo Edge software.

  Specifically, Dell Technology's IoT gateway products that fall to the industry and SAP Leonardo Edge Platform edge platform solutions complement each other and work together to help users achieve smarter and broader IoT connectivity and intelligently process information in real time.

  In cooperation with Intel, Dell's embedded PC innovation product, the Embedded Box PC 5000, is ideal for high-bandwidth industrial PCs and the Internet of Things.


What is the significance of 5G?  Please ask the Internet of Things to answer this question!


  Dale Essence Embedded Box PC 5000

  In fact, Dell Technology Group's IoT strategy has made progress in many industries. While continuing to realize the ecological innovation of the Internet of Things, Dell Technology and the eco-partners are deeply involved in the industry, and are committed to the end-to-end solution of the Internet of Things. Landing.

  >>>>Manufacturing field

  Due to the high stability and reliability requirements of the production environment, Fuyao Group has more than 1,000 Dell Yi'an high-reliability embedded industrial PCs in the production line. The product adopts fanless design and energy demand. Low, and can quickly provide a variety of I / O options, support expansion, high stability, can work in 0-50 degrees Celsius environment, in addition, rugged design can provide reliable support for Fuyao Group's future IoT applications .

  >>>>Medical Industry

  Beijing Mindangkang Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on the scientific and technological innovation of the traditional medical health industry, has introduced the Dell Yi'anxin Embedded Box PC5000 as the computing equipment of the traditional Chinese medicine meridian detector. It has built an efficient, stable and scientifically designed industrial grade terminal for the digital 'Traditional Chinese Medicine CT'. The computing platform has accelerated the digital transformation of TCM diagnosis.

  >>>>Communication Operators

  In April 2019, Dell (China) and Unicom Internet of Things signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation. Dell China and Unicom Internet of Things, Fujian Unicom and China Unicom Network Research Institute will work together to build a future integrated Internet PC innovation product model and ecology, hand in hand Promote the application of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things, and carry out in-depth strategic cooperation in various technical fields.

  >>>>Global Telecom Industry

  With the advent of the 5G era, the telecom business will gain huge benefits from the Internet of Things. The Dell Technology Group maintains close ties with Europe's largest telecommunications providers and seeks broad opportunities for collaboration in the Internet of Things and Multiple Access Edge Computing (MEC). At the same time, as a network function virtualization platform for communication service providers, VMware vCloud NFV uses an open API to manage the NFV lifecycle, improving NFV deployment from 'data center to cloud environment to branch office and edge gateway' speed.

  >>>>Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) application field

  For applications such as automated manufacturing, HVAC, intelligent logistics, process control, and smart agriculture, IoT devices are just needed. Among them, Dell E-mail EM3001 gateway products based on Intel dual-core Atom E3805 processor, widely used in various industrial applications, such as automated automotive assembly lines. At the same time, in the agricultural and public sector, the development of the Internet of Things also has great potential, and the Dell Technology Group has different levels of in-depth in these areas.

  At present, in the digital journey to help global enterprise users, Dell Technology Group and its partners have cooperated in a wide range of areas to carry out IoT cooperation and promote the implementation of the program, which has greatly improved the application level of Internet of Things technology and services. It also enhances the overall capabilities of the Dell Technology IoT end-to-end solution.

  Focus on the Internet of Things, empowering the digital future

  In the journey of driving the digitalization of users, Dell Technology Group has gathered the world's leading technologies, products, solutions and services. When it comes to the new era of the Internet of Things, from the edge to the core to the cloud, the Dell Technology IoT is fully operational. Based on the ecological innovation of the Internet of Things, Dell Technology will work with global partners to penetrate all walks of life and help global users to open a new digital future.


What is the significance of 5G?  Please ask the Internet of Things to answer this question!


  Therefore, digitalization, Digital, Give me five, focusing on the development of the Internet of Things is a particularly important direction for the future of the Dell Technology Group.