From campus network to campus cloud Qingyun QingCloud helps Shaanxi University of Science and Techno
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Qingyun, an enterprise-level full-stack cloud ICT service provider, announced that it has reached a cooperation with Shaanxi University of Science and Technology to build a campus cloud platform to help realize smart campuses.

From campus network to campus cloud Qingyun QingCloud helps Shaanxi University of Science and Technology to build a smart campus

Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as “Shaanke University”), the first light industry college in New China. Shaanxi University of Science and Technology is the only multi-disciplinary university featuring light industry in western China. It is jointly established by China National Light Industry Association, China Light Industry Corporation and Shaanxi Provincial Government. It is the national “Central and Western University Basic Capacity Building Project”. One of the high-level universities in the universities and provinces of Shaanxi Province, selected into the “Excellent Engineers Program” pilot universities of the Ministry of Education, and selected into the “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program 2.0” of the Ministry of Education to build universities and the first batch of “new engineering research and practice projects” selected by universities. The Ministry of Education's 'Internet + China Manufacturing 2025' pilot program for the integration of production and education and the first batch of reform and reform institutions for innovation and entrepreneurship education in Shaanxi Province.

Convenience, leaving the direct thrust of virtualization

Such a university that integrates various pilot projects and scientific research is naturally at the forefront in the construction of information technology. In 2015, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology began to try virtualization technology. In order to make better use of virtualization technology, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology soon launched a cloud management platform and built a standardized process platform for resource application process. In a period of time, this basically solved the problem of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology in the IT operation and maintenance level. However, with the increase of application scenarios, Shaanxi Branch has become more and more complicated with the requirements of native applications, and the manual operation has increased greatly. It is impossible to realize automated management delivery, and the management difficulty is drastically increased. In addition, the application scenario has begun to increase the demand for high concurrency, and the traditional virtualization platform has been unable to respond stably.

“When the application scenarios are diversified, reliable, agile, fast, flexible, automatic, self-service, friendly, and operational, etc. have become issues that need to be considered and faced in the work of network information centers. We have found that cloud computing is used in the Internet industry. It fits well with our needs, but we need privatization deployment,” said the head of the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology Network Information Center project.

Time came to 2017, when the Chinese cloud computing market began to mature, and the Shaanxi Science and Technology Information Center made horizontal and vertical evaluations of domestic cloud computing technology providers at that time. In this round of selection and comparison, Shaanxi University's demand for cloud computing has become very clear. More importantly, they found that cloud platform providers with public cloud operations capabilities and experience best fit their needs. Such service providers not only have a reliable cloud platform and a wealth of operational experience that have been verified by a large number of users, but also can be upgraded without feeling. After the layering comparison, Qingyun QingCloud stood out and won the recognition of Shaanxi University with many friendly advantages such as friendly interface, second-pole creation and strong iteration ability. As a result, a massive cloud movement was officially launched.

High concurrency, the most visible change in the cloud

The complex scenes and specific user groups of colleges and universities are destined to be more rapid and non-insensitive.

The first step of Shaanxi Branch’s migration is the educational administration system to realize the online service of educational administration. After the initial goal was set by Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, the Qingyun QingCloud service team developed a weekly migration plan for the characteristics of the short-time high concurrent access of the educational system. After the migration began, more than 80 applications were migrated in the first two weeks; currently, more than 200 virtual machines are running.

After the cloud system on the educational system, it quickly achieved a breakthrough in high-concurrency scenarios through load balancing and elastic scaling. Therefore, the story-receiving system that has been criticized in the past has won the praise of the students this year. Of course, this is not the first time that the Network Information Center has been applauded this year. In the previous academic and engineering activities, the teachers and students successfully completed the ticket-collection activities on the campus network with the cloud platform built by Qingyun QingCloud. I have a special feeling about this engineering. 'We don't have to put a table to send tickets anymore. Students don't have to queue up for tickets for a long time. Now we organize activities no longer worry about ticketing problems, and really feel the convenience brought by cloud computing. 'The teacher responsible for student activities at the Department of Engineering at Shaanxi University said.

This is only a very simple change after the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, and it is also the initial goal of Shaanxi University.

Resource management, college cloud you never thought about

When it comes to campus informatization, most people's perceptions may only stay in the obvious parts of multimedia classrooms, campus networks, and educational systems. In fact, many of the parts related to teaching and research rely heavily on campus information. In the era of extensive management of IT, many schools applied for resources from the college, and the information center allocated routes on demand. The on-demand here is not the actual demand, but the college's estimated demand. When the demand increases, the college needs to continue to apply, otherwise, there will be no change. Over time, there are a lot of resources that are idle but unprocessable in each department. Such problems naturally exist in Shaanxi University. “Every university has limited funding for informatization construction, and it attaches great importance to the cost performance of construction. Therefore, at the beginning of Shangyun, we must consider the benefits of the results brought to the school after construction, and also need to reflect the support function of the network information center. Value.” said the person in charge of the Shaanxi University Network Information Center project.

Under such an idea, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology began to study Qingyun QingCloud public cloud billing system and operation mode, and hoped to manage resources and curb waste through the billing system. Referring to Qingyun's QingCloud multi-tenant model, Shaanxi University launched a college cloud for colleges, institutions and academic organizations, open to colleges, teachers and students with IT resource needs, and provide self-service capabilities. Colleges and research institutes can apply for resources according to their needs, and pay for them first. Teachers and students can also apply for resources based on their own teaching and learning needs. Personal accounts are prepaid. Now, when new applications are needed to go live, there is no need to wait for a complicated financial approval process, and it can be deployed in just a few hours. The school's IT costs have changed from traditional expensive fixed asset investment to the current resource service model, which has greatly reduced the pressure on the school's financial department, and the information department does not have to worry about equipment depreciation or subsequent maintenance. More importantly, the originally idle resources are better utilized, and the colleges will pay more attention to the resources they apply for, and truly apply and use them on demand. When many teachers are doing research and teaching, they will also create resources when needed, and destroy them after the end of the class or scientific research project. Not only do they need to spend extra time to manage the operation and maintenance, but also the technical support will be provided directly by the network information center.

“We design billing systems not for profit, and profitability has never been our goal. We are more about quantifying indicators and finding the real consumption of resources. This not only reflects the value of our network information center at the service level, It also realizes the unified management of the network resources of the whole school, forms a sustainable development, has a virtuous cycle ability, and supports the vitality of the entire university IT construction. The director of the Network Information Center admits that their real goals behind the billing It is on the quantitative indicators.

It is understood that Shaanxi Branch's billing system fully refers to Qingyun QingCloud public cloud price system, according to Qingyun QingCloud real-time price adjustment. This also confirms that the director of the Network Information Center said that the ultimate purpose of billing is to manage and quantify the indicators. “We are very grateful to Qingyun QingCloud for sharing our more than six years of operational experience to us without reservation, so that we can operate and provide this private cloud on the campus as a public cloud.” Director of the Network Information Center Say.

SD-WAN, connecting campus multiple scenes

If you have been to the computer room of Shaanxi University, you will be shocked. The school has a 400 square meter computer room, 80 cabinets, and more than 900 switches. These devices provide all IT-related services to more than 20,000 students in the school and 3,000 faculty members. These services also include finance, school hospitals, and other departments that are not directly related to teaching and research. After the guiding ideology of “Let the students do less work and fully realize online processes”, the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology Information Network Center began to consider building a virtual WAN on campus for the future.

After investigation, Qingyun QingCloud's SD-WAN solution can connect all parts of the campus, including student canteens, school hospitals, student dormitories and campuses in Xianyang, into an optimized network, using SD-WAN powerful. The ability to automatically optimize the network provides an optimized BGP exit for each college branch system.

As the first stop for medical treatment on campus, the school hospital has a high demand for optimized service experience. As a pilot, the school hospital successfully used SD-WAN access, connected the service to the terminal, and gradually migrated the original medical application to the campus private cloud platform. After the SD-WAN solved the network security problem, it also solved the original school hospital system. Worry about joining the campus network. Now, the teachers and students of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology can realize the functions of registration, inspection and inspection, etc. through the network, and experience the large public hospitals that are completely at the forefront of informationization.

It is reported that in the future, Shaanxi University's financial system, canteen and dormitory management will be connected to the private cloud through SD-WAN, which is the unexpected gain of Shaanxi Branch after choosing Qingyun QingCloud.

In the future, Shaanxi Branch will begin to establish an identity authentication system on the private cloud, and use this as a basis to connect the entire campus resources to achieve higher quality unified management and services, and move towards a truly smart campus.