Gao Xinxing is building a high-quality smart city in the home of Ningxiang citizens.
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On the 19th, in the Ningxiang Citizens' Home Plaza, the leaders of the National Information Center and relevant representatives attended the field to explore the achievements of the wisdom and Ningxiang construction. The informationization focused on the city operation management center to discuss the construction of high-quality smart cities and exchange of opinions.

Gao Xinxing is building a high-quality smart city in the home of Ningxiang citizens.

The 'Smart Ningxiang' project is a major project signed by the Ningxiang Municipal Government and Gaoxing Technology Group Co., Ltd. in October 2016. The two sides will focus on urban services, build an Internet industry cluster, and comprehensively promote the Internet with Ningxiang characteristics. Strategic cooperation has been reached in the smart city's project and the creation of a quality Internet innovation and entrepreneurship environment. The investment period of the smart Ningxiang project during the construction period is 461 million yuan, involving the construction of 15 major sections. The construction period of the project is 3-5 years. It is expected to complete the construction in 2020 with a 10-year operation period. After unremitting efforts, in just a few years, 'Smart Ningxiang' has achieved gratifying construction results, and the experience of 'Smart Ningxiang' has been widely reported by the State Council and has become a typical experience of domestic excellent Internet + government services. Numerous visits and visits provide practical reference experience for building smart cities across the country.

In order to improve the city's management ability and build a convenient and efficient municipal service capability, Gaoxin and Ningxiang City Construction Investment Development Co., Ltd. jointly invested in the construction of Gaoxing (Ningxiang) Smart City Operation Co., Ltd. in November 2016, together for wisdom. Ningxiang project's urban operation center, smart government support platform, smart city cloud platform, smart government, smart education, smart medical care, smart tourism, smart community, citizen card, e-commerce and industry incubation, regional industry synergy (collaborative manufacturing), The fifteen subsystems of wireless city, safe city, smart city management, intelligent transportation and smart safety supervision provide related services such as project design, construction, maintenance and operation.

'Smart Ningxiang' is a new type of smart city Huimin service project for the citizens, providing smart government and people's livelihood services; in the case of Gao Xinxing, it not only represents a set of public safety overall plans, but also conveys as an advanced enterprise. Responsibility and dedication to the society, showing the professional character, dedication, and integrity of the spirit of character. Based on science and technology, Gao Xinxing uses the attitude of innovation and professional business to lead the masses to the smart city life, leaving a deep impression on the industry peers and government customers.

With the gradual expansion of the brand of 'Smart Ningxiang', Ningxiang will also become an important smart city practice base in China. In the future, high-elevation will also improve the construction, and improve itself while imparting experience. Create technological innovation and strive to provide safer, smarter and better smart city urban operation centers for more cities.