The overall IT infrastructure reconstruction project of a garment enterprise
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1 Overview: 

With the rapid development of enterprises, the application system is on the line, the company's requirements for information technology are constantly improving, and the network transformation construction has mentioned an important agenda. The headquarters, warehouses and production bases of the company's headquarters are distributed in different places. The data center is built at the company headquarters, and dozens of direct sales stores are distributed throughout the country.

2. Demand analysis: 

A complete, unified, advanced technology, comprehensive coverage, deep application, efficient, stable, safe and reliable information platform will be eliminated to eliminate information islands and application islands, to achieve smooth inter-departmental processes, and to smoothly transition to a new generation of technologies. 

3. Solution: 

The overall IT infrastructure reconstruction project of a garment enterprise

1) The network planning is designed according to the ideas of layering, modularization and functionalization. The whole network is divided into three layers: export, aggregation and access; 

2) Internet exports are divided into: international Internet access and local Internet access; based on the actual needs of users, access to the corresponding Internet line resources; 

3) The headquarters and branch communication adopt MSTP dedicated line, and IPSEC VPN is standby link; 

4) The server cluster adopts a hyper-converged architecture.

4. Program value

1) Network layered management, easy to operate and maintain;

2) The primary and backup redundant links are used at the headquarters and branches to eliminate single-point faults on the link and improve the robustness of the WAN network.

3) Hyper-converged architecture, which reduces system online time and expands capacity more conveniently.