A catering management company WAN networking project
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1.Company introduction

A food management service group in Shenzhen is a foreign-funded enterprise with a history of 30 years of catering service. There are 15 branches in Futian District, Nanshan District, Longgang District and Bao'an District. It provides a full range of services from general catering to advanced business reception. service. For 30 years, the company has always preserved the traditional folk dishes, not only to create Cantonese-style dishes with traditional characteristics, but also to improve and innovate traditional Chinese-style cakes, so that the traditional culture can be fully realized and won the trust of the public.

2. Demand analysis

1) Each store needs to upload data to the headquarters; 

2) The network between the stores needs to be opened, which is convenient for maintenance of maintenance personnel;

3) Less operation and maintenance personnel. 

3. Wide area network topology diagram

A catering management company WAN networking project

4. Program value

1) Relying the old Internet dial-up lines to avoid increasing the overhead line;

2) Using a full mesh networking architecture, the entire network is opened and the VPN link redundancy is improved;

3) Encryption of data transmission between headquarters and branches to prevent data from being intercepted on the Internet;