Pu Huizhi made: to be a good partner in the digital construction of small and medium-sized manufactu
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Recently, 2019 (the 4th) China Industrial Big Data Conference·Qiantang Summit was held in Hangzhou. The National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Economic and Trade Office, relevant leaders of Hangzhou and experts and scholars from the industry attended the conference. The event aims to comprehensively promote the construction of the industrial Internet platform, improve the industrial big data industry ecosystem, and attract more than 1,000 professionals from home and abroad to participate.

Pu Huizhi made: to be a good partner in the digital construction of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises

▲ 2019 (4th) China Industrial Big Data Conference Qiantang Summit

At the conference where the academic circles and the industry gathered, a SAAS system called “Pu Huiyun MES” attracted the attention of many participants. There were many visitors from the booth, and many of them came from the government. The person in charge of the industrial park and the entrepreneurs said that the enterprise is imperative, and hope that Pu Huiyun MES can help.

'It is relying on the manufacturing accumulation of Xizi United Holdings for nearly 40 years and the long-term investment in intelligent manufacturing, which gave birth to the industrial information SAAS software that Pu Huiyun MES deeply understands the manufacturing 'pain point', 'difficult point' and positioning precision! 'Pu Huizhi CEO Wang Kefei said this.

Pu Huizhi made: to be a good partner in the digital construction of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises

▲The leaders of the soft letter department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology visited the Puhui exhibition hall

It is reported that Zhejiang Puhui Zhizao Technology Co., Ltd., which launched Puhuiyun MES, is an innovative technology company invested by Xizi. Its R&D team is an engineer with senior R&D experience in the field of industrial informatization or the Internet, and a graduate of a prestigious university such as Tsinghua University. In addition, talented experts such as Alibaba and other well-known companies, marketing giants and other talents have also joined Pu Huizhi, or served as a perennial consultant to become a corporate 'outside brain.'

The person in charge of Pu Huizhi’s technology told the reporter that Pu Huiyun MES is an online production management SAAS system for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. Through real-time data collection and collaborative management in all aspects of sales, procurement, warehouse and production, the production management visualization is realized.

It is worth noting that since the beginning of 2019, Pu Huiyun MES has been on the line in Xizi Heavy Industry and Hangguo Group. Good reputation has won the trust of many companies for Pu Huizhi. As of the end of April, dozens of companies in the sheet metal, machining, mechanical assembly, injection molding and other industries have signed contracts with Pu Huizhi and carried out a tight and orderly implementation.

Pu Huizhi made: to be a good partner in the digital construction of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises

▲Hangguo Group production management person in charge on-site inspection Pu Huiyun MES project

Not long ago, Pu Huizhi made a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangzhou City Big Data Operation Company. The two sides will carry out all-round deep cooperation around the expansion of industrial big data in the country. In this way, with the establishment of strategic partnerships such as Country Garden Holdings, well-known industry funds, relevant government departments and parks, the core competitiveness cultivation and market expansion simultaneously, Pu Huiyun MES's layout for the whole country has revealed the king's demeanor that cannot be underestimated. .

At the 5th World Internet Conference “Innovation and Breakthrough of Industrial Internet” held at the end of 2018, Zhejiang Provincial Governor Yuan Jiajun pointed out that it is necessary to follow the law of enterprise development, accelerate the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, promote the development of large and medium-sized enterprises, and jointly build Value chain and industry chain. Zhejiang Province is in the critical period of improving the upgrading of manufacturing industry, vigorously developing the industrial Internet, and injecting a strong impetus to the construction of strong provinces, strong network provinces and digital Zhejiang.

In the 'two sessions' of Zhejiang Province in 2019, Governor Yuan Jiajun once again stressed the need to carry out 'Internet +' action, build an industrial Internet platform system, and accelerate the promotion of Internet, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the real economy. Fusion.

As an information service provider in the field of intelligent manufacturing, Pu Huizhi will continue to focus on small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, starting from the cloud MES platform, expanding and deepening the output of industrial cloud SAAS application solutions, and vigorously promoting the “Made in China 2025” process. Promote the development of socialized collaborative production methods.