Skyworth held a new product launch conference in Beijing to explore the infinity, two heavy-duty sma
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Today, big screen AIOT founder Skyworth TV held a new product launch conference titled “Exploring Unlimited”, officially launched the S series new product – Skyworth S81 self-illuminating smart TV, and built-in Dolby panoramic sound system 2.1.2 Q series new product - Skyworth Q60 true panoramic sound smart TV. At the same time, Skyworth also took the opportunity to disclose the relevant layout in the field of large-screen AIOT and the achievements in the first half of the year.

According to the data provided by Ovi Cloud, Skyworth achieved the first omni-channel total retail sales in the domestic color TV market in the first half of 2019, and also won the double-channel sales volume and sales in the first quarter of 2019. Won the first place in the national color TV market retail list. At the same time, Skyworth's performance in the high-end market is also quite eye-catching. The market share of OLED TV retail sales reached 35.3%, and the retail volume ranked first in the country.

Wang Zhiguo, chairman of Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd. said: 'In the process of TV intelligentization, Skyworth has always insisted on innovation. The world's first large-screen AioT ecosystem 'Swaiot Xiaowei Zhilian' launched at the beginning of this year has led the industry to a new era.' .

Skyworth held a new product launch conference in Beijing to explore the infinity, two heavy-duty smart TVs debut

Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Zhiguo

Self-developed core technology to create a large-screen AIOT ecosystem

Skyworth's Swaiot is the world's first large-screen AIOT ecosystem. In the entire ecological chain, TV is an ecological center, which is responsible for connecting all kinds of intelligent hardware in the home; TrendsAI is a smart life steward, users can use the far-field voice to control the home equipment through the TV, support voiceprint recognition and wake-free multi-round dialogue.

Swaiot Xiaowei Zhilian intelligent hardware can realize one-key intelligent connection as long as it is connected with the TV. For non-smart home appliances, it can also realize more than 6,000 infrared non-brand and cross-category infrared voice control through TrensAI IR infrared intelligent control. Smart Appliances.

The biggest difference between Swaiot and other AioT platforms is that Skyworth has achieved core technology self-study, mastered the big screen AioT core technology, and invested heavily in self-developed 'two clouds' (AIoT semantic cloud + AIOT device cloud), mastering the core code and The control point of the data, the industry's first to complete the future-oriented technology layout and reserves, only to bring consumers a better home scene large-screen AIoT experience.

Skyworth held a new product launch conference in Beijing to explore the infinity, two heavy-duty smart TVs debut

Skyworth Swaiot Xiaowei Zhilian

Skyworth AioT Semantic Cloud is a semantic understanding engine that focuses on the home AIOT scene, allowing people to “speak and understand” when they are in the daily voice control of smart homes, such as friends, which is thanks to Skyworth’s self-developed The home scene AIOT directional vocabulary is like a home dictionary AioT vocabulary dictionary, which contains a large number of AIOT related vocabulary, and supports the automatic inclusion of new words, which means that Skyworth TV's AioT semantic understanding ability will self-evolve and become more and more The stronger. At the same time, Skyworth's self-developed big data-based retrieval model has achieved both the vocabulary of massive vocabulary and the speed of ultra-fast query.

Skyworth's AIOT device cloud is like a “super brain” that can easily control massive AIOT devices, enabling millions of homes to enjoy the smooth IMOT control experience at the same time. This is because the device cloud application self-developed tens of millions of AIOT devices are stable in real time. Communication architecture, although the current popularity of smart homes in China is still not high, Skyworth does not mean that its own tens of millions of capacity architecture is useless, not to think that this is a 'over-technology', but to ensure the future with the amount of users Blowout, Skyworth still provides a consistent and smooth IMOT control experience.

In the process of building the Swaiot Xiaowei Zhilian Ecology, Skyworth, as the developer of the cloud cloud interconnection standard, always adheres to the open attitude and hopes to cooperate with more brands to provide users with comfortable one-stop service. At present, Midea, Jingdong and Huawei have already reached cooperation with Skyworth, and more ecological partners will join in the future.

Skyworth S81 self-illuminating smart TV: ingeniously polishing the ultimate OLED image quality

Even though the entire TV industry is transforming into a big screen AIOT, it cannot be ignored that the quality of the screen quality is still the core competitiveness of judging the quality of a TV.

Skyworth selects the V19 generation OLED display, which gives it excellent performance in terms of screen contrast, viewing angle, color reproduction, and ultimate response speed, bringing near-immersive ultra-realistic image quality. The screen refresh rate is 120Hz, which supports VRR, ensuring that the video frames of different scenes are in an ideal state during the game, making the game experience more realistic, equipped with Hummingbird AI image quality chip Pro, providing computing power for display optimization. With exclusive Skyworth 30+ image quality adjustment technology, more than 30 years of industry experience, technology-driven team building and talent development gradient, the industry has established a comprehensive and rich professional image quality test sequence library for guiding engineers Fine picture quality adjustment. Engineers began to collect and produce materials from various aspects such as color, noise, motion, sharpness, contrast, etc., and developed image quality adjustment models, which also accumulated rich and valuable materials for AI machine learning.

Skyworth held a new product launch conference in Beijing to explore the infinity, two heavy-duty smart TVs debut

Skyworth S81 TV

Skyworth S81 comprehensively improves the image quality from three dimensions of screen, chip and algorithm adjustment. It also uses Skyworth's exclusive SOBiF non-image-residing technology, which makes the probability of residual image in normal use scene almost zero. In addition to paying attention to image quality performance, Skyworth S81 also has no harmful blue light due to its own characteristics of OLED panel, which effectively protects the human eye.

Skyworth held a new product launch conference in Beijing to explore the infinity, two heavy-duty smart TVs debut

Skyworth S81 TV

In terms of design, the Skyworth S81 adopts a more textured floating screen design, which makes the picture look as realistic as it is. The screen panel uses ergonomic principles and a 5° healthy elevation angle to relieve muscle tension in the neck and shoulders of the user. The back panel of the screen is made of imported high-strength brushed plate, which is integrally formed. The surface is polished by dozens of mirrors, polished, CNC, satin and wire drawing process, highlighting the high-end temperament. The back shell under the backboard adopts Skyworth's exclusive snap-on design. Made of PC+ABS alloy with diamond-shaped technology texture, it has a visually integrated, screw-free look and feel.

Skyworth S81 also supports two technologies, Swaiot Xiaowei Zhilian and TrensAI Smart Life Manager. Users can control the whole house's smart home appliances through TV through the interaction of far-field voice. Thanks to the self-illumination characteristics of the OLED display pixels, the S81 supports time, weather, and information on the status of the Swaiot device. The important information is clear at a glance. In addition, Skyworth S81 provides iOS cable projection function, stable connection and low latency, which can fully utilize the large screen features of TV and enhance the screencasting experience.

Skyworth Q60 true panoramic sound smart TV: Dolby panoramic sound system blessing

The Q60 has a built-in Dolby Atmos Speaker System 2.1.2, a bottom-out speaker and a top-up speaker for immersive stereo surround sound, and a rear subwoofer Double guide tube with double bass design to minimize wind noise and camera shake, and effectively increase bass dive. High-performance rare earth magnet design makes the bass more powerful, and the audience can feel it in every corner of the room. Strong bass surround. The Q60's patented design with a top-up speaker truly realizes the layout of the sound source in the three-dimensional physical space. The upward-facing sound is reflected into the human ear, and it sounds like the plane really flies from above, and the rain really falls from the sky. .....

Skyworth and Dolby realized a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation from the whole machine acoustic architecture to hardware speakers and software algorithms. The experts from both sides formed a joint project team, and through acoustic simulation experiments, after more than 10 rounds of “debug-test-subjective audition-re-commissioning”, It took more than half a year to finally reach the harsh acoustics and was certified by the Dolby Atmos Speaker System.

Skyworth held a new product launch conference in Beijing to explore the infinity, two heavy-duty smart TVs debut

Skyworth Q60 TV

In terms of picture quality, Skyworth Q60 also provides a more realistic Dolby HDR technology, which can bring amazing brightness, deep shadow details and bright colors, together with the Dolby format source of Cool Open system, let users At home, you can enjoy the ultimate audio-visual experience like a cinema.

Skyworth, which was released on March 27 this year, has achieved the first time in the industry to carry a lifting AI camera on TV and has registered the brand name of “Trens AI EYE”. This time, Q60 continued and upgraded the lift AI camera, and cooperated with Keep. In the Q60, the 'KEEP Skyworth AI Custom Edition' was launched. You can display your practice actions and video tutorials on the Q60 screen in real time. Based on the skeleton recognition function of the cool open system, the lifting AI camera can identify, correct and score your practice movements in real time, and the voice control function based on the TrendsAI intelligent life butler can free your hands and make your fitness not distracting.

Skyworth held a new product launch conference in Beijing to explore the infinity, two heavy-duty smart TVs debut

Skyworth Q60 TV

Skyworth Q60's design style is both stylish and elegant. It adopts a suspended full-screen design and uses the world's top high-rebound honeycomb-bonded cotton. The cushioning performance of the screen fit is better, taking into account the positive integration and reliable quality. Skyworth has also applied the patent for no-frame design to the Q60. The industry has created the first four-fold bending process of the backplane. In the end, the thickness of the fuselage is unprecedentedly 2mm at the thinnest part, achieving a thin front and no frame. The night sky star back plate is inspired by the clear sky at night in the Tibetan area. The Bonding Mixing technology is used to achieve the starlight shining effect in the blue sky.