Basic landscape architecture construction project of a landscape design company
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1.Company introduction

Based on Shenzhen and Beijing, it is an innovative and comprehensive planning and design institute established and developed for the background of China's new urbanization. It involves multidisciplinary fields including landscape architecture, urban planning, architecture, ecology, soil and water conservation, forestry, tourism, etc. It is committed to the sustainable improvement of human-natural relations and the optimization of innovative practices.

2. Project requirements

1) Three office area components WAN;

2) The office network should be restricted by Internet access and traffic restrictions;

3) The data center needs to support thermal expansion;

4) Implement security protection for the network;

3. Network architecture


4. Program value

1) The gateway deploys a firewall to clean the north-south traffic; and performs application management and flow control for the application;

2) The data center adopts a hyper-converged architecture to support online horizontal expansion;

3) Open the communication between the headquarters and the branch through the operator's MSTP line;

Update the virus database and system patches by deploying an anti-virus system;