About us
Very Convergence is a high-tech enterprise focusing on integrated services for IT infrastructure. Committed to empowering customers with smart IT, allowing customers to focus on their core business and helping customers improve efficiency. We will combine cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, 5G and other technologies or too...

What do we do for the company?


Provide a systematic and professional basic IT construction plan


Basic IT construction and delivery: smart and weak power system integration, cloud video, enterprise application cloud


IT outsourcing operation and maintenance service

What do we insist on?


Adhere to the "artisans" in the field of IT services


Adhere to value and be a company that respects


Adhere to integrity, quality integrity, price integrity, work

Why do customers choose us?

1. We are a professional company that provides customers with systematic and structured information system solutions;

2. We are a full-site integrated service provider for IT construction consulting, solutions, implementation and operation and maintenance;

3, we are at the forefront of science and technology in Shenzhen, rooted in IT services for 20 years, serving nearly a thousand companies, knowing that enterprises only need, only urgent;

4, we are professional people to do professional things, to create a number of skilled, professional division of labor, pragmatic and responsive response to the service team;

5, we have the service outlets in your side, for a good experience, does not affect your core business development.