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Perennial social recruitment Location: WORLD Park, Xinghe, Putian Street, Shenzhen  

Cloud computing technical engineer

Job responsibilities

1, select the server, storage and installation and commissioning according to the application and database requirements;

2, according to the application and database requirements, super fusion and installation and debugging;

3. Select public cloud products and deploy the installation environment according to application and database requirements;

4. Build a hybrid cloud based on customer demand for application and data security;

5. Responsible for consulting, planning, implementation, and problem feedback processing in private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, desktop cloud, etc.


job requirements

1, Bachelor degree or above related computer degree, with more than 1 year experience in server, storage, virtualization related technology; 
2, interested in cloud computing technology; 
3, patient, stable, verbal expression clear and logical, will organize Prepare the program PPT; 
4, have good learning, research and improvement capabilities;

5,35 years of age or younger;


Information Security and Network Technology Engineer

Job responsibilities

1. According to customer needs, plan and design a complete and stable network architecture, including LAN group building, enterprise wide area network construction, and wireless network construction;

2, according to customer network failure, analysis, troubleshooting, transformation; organize installation and commissioning according to their own network design architecture;

3. Responsible for information security consulting, solution integration, implementation guidance, and problem feedback processing;

4. Responsible for security risk assessment and reinforcement of customer company network, application system and database system;

5. Responsible for successful case collection and copying of information security and network architecture;


job requirements

1, undergraduate and above network and information security related majors, more than 1 year full-time network, information security work experience; 
2, familiar with common systems, networks, application attack technology, defense reinforcement;

3, familiar with common system vulnerabilities, Trojans, hanging horse technology and penetration technology

4, Familiar with network architecture, TCPIP protocol, and have a solid knowledge of information security theory; 
5, patience, stability, verbal and clear logic, will organize the preparation of PPT; 
6, have good learning, research and improvement capabilities ;

7,35 years of age or younger;


Weak electricity project manager

Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for the construction of weak current system, ensuring the smooth completion of the project on the basis of project quality, schedule, safety and cost;

2. Responsible for the construction, finishing and completion of the required materials before, during and after the construction. Deepen the drawings and carry out construction guidance according to the design plan;

3. Responsible for formulating specific on-site construction procedures to ensure that the handover of the person in charge of the site (or supervision) on site is clear and the work arrangements of the construction personnel are properly handled, and the emergencies arising from the project are properly handled;

4. Participate in the pre-project communication and bidding document production, and the cost control before and after the target;

5. Responsible for the acceptance of engineering projects and the recovery of project funds within the scope of work, and make changes to the project and visas to achieve project value-added;


job requirements

1, college degree or above, more than 3 years of experience in the implementation and management of weak electrical intelligent projects; proficient in AUTOCAD operations and office software skills; those with special strengths can relax the requirements.

2, Familiar with the project management process, have a deep understanding of the safety, quality, progress and funds in the whole process of the project;

3, have strong technical ability to debug, detect and maintain weak electrical system engineering equipment, can identify and eliminate common problems of intelligent system; 
4, have strong team management and leadership ability, clear thinking, and rational ; 
5, strong coordination ability, can well handle the relationship between the various construction related units, can well handle the relationship between the internal companies with relevant departments;

6,35 years of age or younger;

account Manager

Job responsibilities

1. Contact the customer: The account manager should proactively keep in touch with the customer, discover the customer's needs, guide the customer's needs, and provide timely satisfaction to provide one-stop service for the customer;

2, development of customers: active development of potential customers; for existing customers, such as customers have not found certain needs, urgent need to guide;

3, marketing products, publicity companies: familiar with the company's products and solutions, application scenarios, can make basic explanations with customers;

4. Develop a sales white paper based on the company's sales plan;

5. Actively complete the sales targets jointly established with the company;


job requirements

1, love sales work, have a strong sense of purpose; 
2, strong verbal ability, willing to share, good friends, help others, honest; 
3, obey arrangements, hard work can be hard, have a sense of cooperation, strictly adhere to the company and customers Information; 
4, have good study habits, comprehensive knowledge;

5,30 years of age, college degree or above;



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